11 Blogging Tasks I Do Daily For Success

Having an established blogging routine is a no brainer to help you stay organized and skyrocket your biz to the stars. In this blog post, I am going to show you my daily blogging tasks I do for my blogs to help me stay on track!

I’ve always been an organized person. Planners and calendars are my jam. The calendar on my MacBook was a LIFESAVER when I was in Uni. I used to write everything on it and colour coordinate them because I love colours. Who doesn’t anyway?

When I started my travel blog and blogging with passion, I kept that mentality in mind.

Being organized and having a plan saves you so much time and stress!

That is why in today’s blog post, I am going to share you with you my daily blogging tasks to help me stay on track and grow my blog!

I don’t post every day.

My goal is once a week – twice if I’m feeling inspired. Back when I first started, I used to push myself to write every day and get as much content out as possible but that made me a) feel very overwhelmed and stressed and b) made my blogging experience less fun.

But then, when I started planning and managing my time better, I started to feel much better and fell in love with blogging all over again!

I do these tasks daily to keep track of my blog performance which in turn helps me better my strategy and keep growing my blogs more and more. Everyone is different. These are what work for me!

1. Check Social Media:

The first thing I do for my blog in the morning is check my social media. I check if I received any emails, DMs etc.

Usually, I first go on Facebook and then proceed to check Instagram and then my favourite, Pinterest.

Every now and then, I take screenshots of my analytics, especially if I noticed a change, and save them on Evernote.

I found this method extremely helpful. This helps me stay on track of things and helps keep traffic coming to my blog! What I mean by that is if I see my traffic dropping, which happened over on my travel blog due to the current pandemic, I can adjust my strategy accordingly.

I’m also in the process of writing an ebook for my travel blog and I like to keep my ideas stored there.

Why do I use Evernote? 

I love using Evernote for a couple of reasons:

a) I can keep the screenshots I take in one place with notes under them. If I keep them in a regular folder on my desktop, I find that I either delete them by mistake and it’s way harder to keep notes!

b) You can download Evernote on your desktop and phone!

c) Everyone can use it. Bloggers like myself, students .. anyone!

d) It’s super easy to use and if you download the app on your desktop and phone, the notes and notebooks you create will sync on all of your devices. So if you write a new note on your desktop, you can find it on your phone too.

Click here to give Evernote a try! You will not be disappointed.

2. Plan, plan, plan!

Another task I like to do every day is to look through my planner and see what posts I have scheduled for that week or any other things I need to do.


Usually, I schedule one post per week, per blog. This is what a usual week looks like in my planner. A lot of scribbles, colours and messy handwriting. That’s what works for me.

I also like to have a rough plan for the entire month and I can easily do that on my planner. I don’t rely on this too much because hey, life gets in the way sometimes! Schedules get messed up, deadlines are sometimes missed and that’s ok!

3. Write:

After I looked through my schedule and figured out what posts I need to write for that week, I start writing! I sometimes write a full blog post in one day or it sometimes takes me 3-5 days.

I usually like to write a skeleton first and save it in my drafts on WordPress and then go through it while I’m adding pictures and links. Whilst I’m writing, I keep a piece of paper and pen or pencil next to me to write down any ideas I get.

When I’m blogging, I connect with my creative side and my brain doesn’t stop thinking of things I can add or how I can edit the pictures or what Bitmojis to use. So in order for me not to forget, I write them down instantly!

The first write up is not perfect. I just write whatever comes to mind in no particular order.

4. Edit & Add Photos:

Now comes my favourite part!

After I finish my first draft, I start thinking about pictures.

If I’m working on my travel blog, I start by going through all the photos I took on that particular trip I’m writing about (I usually have over 1,000 pictures!), pick the best ones and import them into Lightroom.

After I apply my preset, add them in a folder and start adding them to my blog post one by one.

For this blog, I don’t add that many photos apart from screenshots and the occasional photo I took, like today.

But I do go through my Bitmoji app, find the ones I want to use and AirDrop them to my Mac!

While I’m adding my photos, I like to go through my first write up for my blog post and start making changes to it and make it look like an actual blog post!

5. Create Pinterest Covers:

After I finish writing my blog post and adding the pictures, I start working on my Pinterest graphics for that particular blog post.

PRO TIP: Creating fresh new pins is KEY to grow your Pinterest and grow traffic to your blog!

For this blog, I simply go to Photoshop, create a new document using 600x900px dimensions and start editing. This is another part of blogging that I absolutely love.

For my travel blog, I bought Pinterest templates from Creative Market and I only use those.

To create my Pins, I use Photoshop and Canva.

6. Final read through & publish:

Words are typed. Photos are added. Graphics are upload. Email widget is added.

Now it’s time to hit publish!

One major lesson I learned is to always read your blog post one final time before publishing.

You’ll be surprised at the number of typos and grammatical mistakes you’ll find!

Do yourself a favour and read it through one more time and then you can share your blog post.

Don’t forget to check the SEO of the post, upload a featured image add it to the appropriate category on your blog!

7. Work on Pinterest:

Now that my blog post is live, I immediately go on Pinterest and upload just one graphic to my relevant boards.

I make sure I add keywords to my description, add the link to the post and save it.

But I’m not done yet!

What I like to do after that is to see if I need to create any new boards. Then, I take one or two pins from my mainboard and save them to my relevant boards or a couple of group boards.

8. Email promotion:

After publishing a couple of blog posts, I like to gather them and send a roundup email to my subscribers.

ConvertKit allows me to do that with such ease. All I have to do is select a template, write a nice email with links and hit send and I’m all set with my newsletter.

Click here to check out ConvertKit!

Also, while we’re on the subject of emails, you might want to subscribe to my email list! I send out updates as well as free blogging tips that I don’t write about here. Furthermore, I also send out some pretty cool links for free resources you can use for your blog!

9. Brainstorm:

Just because I published a post, doesn’t mean that my work here is done!

I like to brainstorm for new blogging ideas and start writing new blog posts. Yes, I like to create a backlog of blog posts to have on hand.

I keep a separate notebook dedicated to my blog. In here, I write blog post ideas, sketch out my blog design and write my goals.

It’s just your every day regular notebook. Nothing fancy here!

10. Create new pins for old blog posts:

This is something I do every day.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that creating new, fresh pins is key to get traffic on your blog from Pinterest?

Every day I go through old blog posts and create new Pinterest graphics. I sometimes do two for each post and save them in a folder. That way, when I don’t have a new blog post up and new pin graphics for that new post, I still have new Pin graphics to upload!

I always make sure I have one new Pinterest graphic per blog to upload every day.

11. Research and make notes:

Learning is a quintessential part of my blogging journey.

I have a separate notebook (yes, I love them!) just for notes.  This notebook never leaves my side and I use it from time to time when I’m writing blog posts or wanting to update my strategy.

Signing up for any free courses and classes is my jam! I like to subscribe to other bloggers’ newsletters and signup for any free webinars or courses they host. This is a part of my research strategy and ultimately, my blogging strategy.

And repeat the cycle over and over and over again!

That is what I do everyday, ladies and gentlemen! I love working on my blogs and being creative. It gives me a sense of passion and it lights my soul on fire. That’s how much I love it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at blogging@bloggingwithpassion.com! I’ll be more than glad to help you. Or, you can also drop them in the comment box below.

Don’t forget to pin this post to your Pinterest boards!

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