How To Create A Clipping Mask With Text In Photoshop

Have you always wondered how to create text with different colours and textures? Keep on reading for a tutorial on how to create a clipping mask with text in Photoshop!

I started playing around with Photoshop in 2011. I also used to make YouTube videos .. yup, YouTube videos!

My favourite part is discovering new things I could do with Photoshop. When I started my travel blog, I wanted to create unique graphics to upload on Pinterest. Having a striking text can help attract new followers to your blog.

That’s when it clicked!

I thought instead of using bright colours with my cursive fonts, I use textures.

Gold is one of my favourite colours and stumbled upon this gold foil texture.

Take a look at some of my best performing Pinterest graphics for Yours Truly Rebecca.


You can also click on each graphic to take you to the blog post if you’re interested!

And now, I’m going to show you how you can make your own for your brand and blog!

Step 1:

Open Photoshop and create a new document by going on File > New and enter your desired dimensions. Make sure your background is set to white.

Step 2:

Click on the text tool and type whatever you want. I always use a black font to make sure I don’t make any spelling mistakes and see if I can change the size of the text.

Step 3:

Click on File > Open and import your texture. You can use whatever you want! You can go on Pinterest and type ‘floral backgrounds’ or ‘grain textures’ on Google. The options are endless!

Step 4:

Once you have your texture open, click on CMD + A for Mac or CTRL + A to make a selection around the whole document. Then simply copy and paste it on your text. If the text is too big, you press CMD + T or CTRL + T to adjust the size of the texture.

Step 5:

Press enter so the transform controls go away. Then, this is a bit tricky but don’t worry, it’s very easy!

Put your cursor in between the text layer and the texture layer. At the same time, press the ALT button on your keyboard and TA DA!

You have just created a clipping mask for your text.

You can move the texture around and add drop shadows to your text to make it stand out more!

Step 6:

To save the image, go to Layers > Flatten Image and then simply save it to your folders.

Creating a clipping mask can make your edits stand out. Furthermore, it is very, very easy.

If you have any more questions/queries, feel free to leave a comment in my comment box or send me an email on

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