How To Create Your Own Color Palette For Your Blog & Brand

Having a colour palette for your blog or business helps you stand out from the crowd and makes editing and creating graphics so much easier! Find out how to create your own colour palette here and get FREE pre-made colour palettes here!

One of the very first things I did when starting Blogging With Passion is I picked a colour palette. I sat down, did some brainstorming and figured out what colours I wanted to use for my blog.

It’s not that complicated to pick the colours you like. You just got to keep some things in mind!

I’ve always loved bright colours and teal and coral go well together. So I thought why not add them together?

Of course, I added some different shades of coral, beige and blue to mix it in and not have just coral and teal. For example, I made my headers and links in a different colour that still match with the coral and teal! See below:




and so on.

I made sure that the little accents go well with my colour palette. 

But what colours do I choose? I have no idea where to start!

First of all, you need to choose the colours that you actually like!

Think of your favourite bloggers.

Naturally, you follow them because you like their content and find it useful. But what attracted you to their blog first, or what made you stay, is because you liked the way it looks! You found their blog user friendly and not crowded with ads, colours, widgets and so on.

Imagine you stumbled upon a blog because you searched for something on Pinterest and clicked on their pin because it has the answers you need.

Then, you get on their blog post and all you see is a bunch of neon jumbled up colours, ads everywhere, widgets and so on. For me, this makes me not want to read their blog post, regardless if it has the answers to my question.

When I visit someone else’s blog and they have bright colours like mine, say for example Melissa’s BlessthismesspleaseI gravitate to those colours and they make me happy, excited and want me to stay on her blog!

However, I also gravitate to feminine, pinkish colours such as one of my favourite travel bloggers Christina from happy to wander.

One other factor to keep in mind is your brand!

For my travel blog, I use a warm tone palette consisting mostly of golds and yellows. For my pictures, I also make use of a warm-toned preset! That is my brand. When people see my pictures and/or pins, they’ll know that those are mine.

The same with the graphics for this blog. I make sure I use bright colours and bitmojis in all of my pins and graphics so when people see them, they’ll be ‘oh! that’s from Blogging With Passion!’

From where can I find colours for my colour palette?

I got my colour palette from this stock photo. It doesn’t have to be other blogs that give you inspiration!

You can find already made colour palettes on Pinterest and Google. Simply search ‘warm- toned colour palettes’ or ‘beachy vibes colour palettes’ and you’ll get thousands of images.

You can find inspiration from pretty much anywhere! For instance, for my travel blog, I got inspired to use gold from a Christmas wrapping paper.

How do I use my colour palette?


Now that you have your colour palette picked out, it’s time to get creative!

It’s very easy to use the colours you picked in your graphics and blog design.

All you have to do is open the stock photo or image you saved in Photoshop, click on the Color Picker tool and it’ll give you the exact colours.

I like to create my own templates and save them with different names so that way, I don’t have to open up the stock images and select the colours every time.


For my blog, what I do is copy and paste the HTML code in my notes on my laptop/phone and anytime I want to add that colour to my blog design, let’s say for example to change the colour of my links, I have it saved on my laptop.


That way, when I’m on WordPress customizing my theme and would like to add a colour on my blog, for example changing the colours of the links and headers, I don’t have to open Photoshop and find the HTML code all over again. I have them saved in one place!

And that is pretty much it! Like I explained above, you can get inspiration from literally anywhere or simply do a quick Google search and there you have your colour palette.

But don’t go anywhere yet! There’s more!

Here is my freebie to you:

Don’t have Photoshop or don’t feel like creating your own colour palettes and finding the HTML Codes? Don’t you worry! 

I created SIX colour palettes for you for FREE! These colour palettes range from bright and fun like mine, to blush tones, warm tones and so much more! 

PLUS these colour palettes have HTML already in them so you can use them in Canva and don’t have to download Photoshop to use them!





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And that brings an end to this blog post! I hope you found it helpful and informative!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below or shoot me an email at and I’ll be more than glad to help you out!

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